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Popular Cat Names For Your Perfect Kitty

Naming a cat is really an interesting task. Although there are numerous sites that offer good cat names, I researched those sites and discussed my kitty owner friends to provide you perfect name list of kitten.

If you have a new pussycat and need to find a unique cat name for him/her, you've come to the right place. We also offer tips of naming your kitty.

The selected names are good, unusual, unique, weird, cute, top, crazy, male, female popular, funny, boy and girl pet names.

Do you know the most popular cat name? In males, OSCAR is the most popular name, whereas in girl the most preferred name is MISTY.

Boy Cat Names

Some of the owners prefer to go for numerology also! After selecting the number for your cat, you can choose any one of the names from the list. By looking at the list below you can easily select the unique male cat name also! The common boy cat names are: -

1. Max
2. Sam
3. Simba
4. Charlie
5. Milo
6. Oliver
7. Sooty
8. Oscar
9. Monty
10. Gizmo
11. Felix
12. Buddy
13. Jack
14. Toby
15. Casper
16. Spike
17. Charlie
18. Rusty
19. Thomas
20. Jake
21. Toby
22. Buster
23. Sylvester
24. Gizmo
25. Rocky
26. Sebastian
27. Milo
28. Billy
29. Bailey
30. Jasper
31. Simon
32. Tom
33. George

Cat Girl Names

Although you know very well that the popular female cat name is MISTY. This has been used for many cats. Hence you can select your cute female cat name from the list offered below:

1. Sassy
2. Coco
3. Chloe
4. Princess
5. Lucy
6. Samantha
7. Missy
8. Lucy
9. Molly
10. Cleo
11. Molly
12. Bella
13. Sophie
14. Ginger
15. Pumpkin
16. Daisy
17. Maggie
18. Muffin
19. Callie
20. Jessie
21. Daisy
22. Sophie
23. Cleo
24. Jasmine
25. Chloe
26. Sasha
27. Angel
28. Zoe
29. Nala
30. Phoebe
31. Sadie
32. Lily
33. Katie
34. Holly
35. Jasmine
36. Minnie
37. Peaches

So, you have selected your unique cat name. Now it is your privilege to celebrate the naming ceremony of your lovable cat. Happing Naming!!!

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