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Cat Breeds

Breeds of cats are always an important criterion that is to be taken into account by most of the children or the cat owners, before the purchase of the cats. Of course, most of the times, the cat breeders who are associated with multiple cat clubs are looking into the details of cats.

Information on multiple cat breeds like Abyssinian, Persian, Maine Coon, Manx, Burmese, Bombay, Siamese should be well known to them and hence, before the purchase they need to be aware of some particulars on the cat which they want to acquire in their house.

Siamese cats are the affectionate ones that have enrichment in the color and the shading on the body gives its rich and elegant appearance to this breeds. One should be aware that the climate is one of the major factors that can determine the appearance-based richness of the coat. This breed is beautiful to look at it and has more graceful appearance when taken in shopping halls or cat shows. Abyssinian cats are found to be intelligent but may not like increased control measures and these have ticked coat.

Burmese cats have lighter color when it comes to lower regions of body on comparison with other parts and the animals are quoted to be more courageous in nature and these too are affectionate with owners. However, this breed has only the short hair on body.

Similarly, if you take Bombay cat breeds, the coat is dark in color and may even look like a small sized Black Panther, which is encountered in a India. Except the color factor, this cat is similar to the Burmese cats in the appearance. These animals are bold in nature and have golden eyes.

Maine Coon cats look like raccoons and however, because of their larger size, this particular type of breeds is much preferred one by many cat breeders and cat lovers. This breeds always is the star breeds in pulling crowds in shopping complexes or cat shows etc.

American Bobtail cat has long hair and the coat needs an extensive health care measures because of this. One has to be careful in avoidance of skin parasites affecting these cats.

Manx cat breed is the one that has anatomical problems by nature and often the litter size is small in them and there may be more intra-uterine death rate in the queens of these breeds. The animal may have some problem in body functions due to the derangements in the vertebral column in this group of cats. Persian breeds is the one that has long hair and is known for its majestic appearance and always appear calm but is quiet fast in actions and has long hair on body.


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